About us

the name says it all.

We are a dynamic group of EV enthusiasts, always eager and ready to take the next industrial revolution to its reality. Our goal is to tie the transition between the “old” and the “new”, bringing forth a new era of e-mobility and sustainable green technologies which will have a positive impact globally and for everyone. Our team has vast experiences in cross multi-country or continent road and off-road car tours and 3F will be our first electric vehicle tour and we will make this event enjoyable to all participants.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to accelerate the global e-mobility shift and increase development of e-mobility technologies and infrastructures while striving for more innovations. We believe that by bringing the latest technologies and EV models around the world, we’ll be able to create a significant positive impact on the future of e-mobility and clean energy.

Key elements to the future in awareness of benefits and advantages for the growing EV Industry will be driven by “accessibility” and “engagement” to information. With this, our mission is to bring about as many new EV models as possible to the consumers at an incredible rate, through innovative and exciting ways of our platform. Through our platform, in ways that the EV market has never been introduced, we will be able to accomplish the key elements and become a pioneer in the global marketing of EV Industry. This, we consider it as a massive and required step in the right direction.


Our global platform, 3F “FAST FORWARD FUTURE”, is designed for this very purpose, to promote, educate, accelerate, compete, and to drive the shift of electric mobility around the world. 3F is bringing the most exciting new EV models and the latest technologies, and showcasing it for the world to see. We, at 3F, believe in partnership and welcomes all interested parties to join us and let’s start the change to the greener world.