2020 RACE

Focus China.

3F is organizing and hosting an inaugural race in 2020 with a specific goal and mission. China is now officially the world’s largest manufacturer and consumer of EVs, with the highest rate adoption rate and more than 50% of the global market. That’s the highest figure anywhere on the planet, and it’s strongly encouraged by government subsidies promoting innovations in EV technology and new EV start-ups. China’s openness and willingness to not only embrace but also promote e-mobility is the reason we believe it is the best place to initiate and start our inaugural 3F race.

With China comfortably leading the EV race with hundreds of new models every year, the 3F 2020 RACE TOUR is the perfect opportunity for CHINA to showcase their best of the best range of new EVs to the world, and truly display capabilities of new-age EVs.

2020 RACE

Focus EU.

Although Europe has a massive automotive industry, unfortunately, they’ve been slower to adapt and implement e-mobility compared to China. More recently EU member countries are increasing e-mobility push both in government regulatory bodies and in manufacturing, to great effect. 3F’s race tour will give the extra push and exposure Europe needs to go the extra mile and fully see this process through. All eyes on the whole of Europe for support and push for greener mobility and drive to “FAST FORWARD FUTURE”

Race Tour Competition & Awards

The Race Tour competition will be organized and judged by the China Electric Vehicle Association. This year 3F 2020 RACE TOUR will give massive opportunity to create awareness and global fan base for the CHINA MADE EV, and that is why the media exposure and popularity of this event is very important to China EV association and to China EV industry. China’s reputation in the leader of EVs will be tested and praised by the whole world, it will also give a positive push for the new brands in China for global recognition. The EV association roles are not only financial, but also to head the organizing the competition and the judging of the race tour participants, and we will be working together with the association on the detailed terms and conditions of the race tour and its award system.

THE 3F 2020 RACE TOUR preliminary award categories are:

Please stay tuned for the terms and conditions of the 3F 2020 RACE TOUR Terms & conditions
Coming soon!

Best Range Vehicle

Best Comfort Vehicle


Most Reliable Vehicle

Best Handling Vehicle

Best Brand