The 3F Race Tour will consist of thoroughly screened and selected 10 teams competing for the number one spot in various categories. Every team will enter the race with two same model EVs, the EVs can be a passenger sedan or an SUV with a min 400km range on a single charge. The 2020 3F RACE TOUR is open to all Chinese automakers only. This year race is focused on China and Chinese brands and we are here to test the limits of their vehicles, but also to showcase their brands and full line-up in the biggest EV Race in the history of EV Industry.

Potential teams

Terms & conditions apply.

General participation guideline
  • Each team must participate with same model 2 EVs, sedan or SUV.
  • Each team must have 3 drivers
  • Each team must have 1 team spokesperson or manager
  • Each team can have only 1 engineer
  • Each entered EV must have a minimum range of 400km (NEDC Standard)
  • One AVEVAI IONA V will be provided to each team for logistics purpose
  • Participate in the entire race tour
  • Participate in the established race award system
  • Carry necessary organizer staff, judge, media, etc.